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Decision Dilemmas- All about making and taking a decision

At every point in life we have to take decisions. Those decisions, though ours have an impact on many around us. Our friends, family, society, nation, economy, and politics; all are affected by our decisions. So, what exactly is a decision? Is it something that can be ignored or, it is something that is the cause for everything happening around us? Taking a decision also means not taking a decision. Read ahead and you will know.


  • The act of making up your mind about something.
    • This can be an opinion about somebody or something.
    • Opinion is not judgment – Opinions assist in judgment.
  • Decide to do something.
    • To decide to do something also means to decide not to do something.

Example: I decide to start my day early. Meaning, I decide I will not wake up late. It also means that I decide to sleep early…and so on…

Example: We have to decide on which car to buy, where to invest, where to construct house, and so on…

  • Decisions can vary from simple ones to complicated and serious decisions.

Types of Decision

  • Good Decision.
  • Bad Decision.
  • Incorrect Decision.

What is the difference?

  • Optimal Result = Good Decision.
  • Average Result = Incorrect Decision.
  • Failed = Bad Decision.

Case study – Starting a Venture

  • Decision to start a business – Good decision, can be incorrect or bad decision.
  • Decision to quit Job – Good decision, can be Incorrect or Bad decision.
    • Optimal Result – Good Decision – If the business grows and becomes profitable.
    • Average Result – Incorrect Decision – if growth becomes stagnant and eventually stops.
    • Failed – Bad Decision – Would have been good if… Best reason to learn from the failure and start all over again.

Examples of some famous decisions

  • Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi decided that India was to be freed from the Queens rule. Not that he was the only one, there were many but his means to free India from the Queens rule was different and shameful for the British that they had to quit.
  • Dhirubhai Ambani – wanted to create wealth and he did, not only for himself but for all.
  • Larry Page & Sergey Brin wanted to collect and make available the entire information available in the universe. Their college project -PageRank resulted in Google – literally replacing the Oxford dictionary.
  • Steve Jobs decided he was wasting his time in college studying subjects that did not inspire him, so he dropped out and took up a calligraphy course.
    • Result – Apple Inc – Mac PC, iPod, iPhone, Pixar studios and the numerous creations that has changed the way we live.
  • Bill Gates decided to drop out from college to do more of what he liked doing.
    • Result – Microsoft – his decision opened Windows for us to see the world.

Any decision; whatever the result be -Optimal, Average or Failed; will never take away the value from the decision.


  • It’s the depth of the decision.
    • Why it was taken – Purpose.
    • When it was taken – Situation.

Factors influencing decisions

  • Family – Upbringing, relatives, elders.
  • Society – Cultural, religion, political.
  • Education – Level of education – it’s not about being literate – it’s about awareness.
  • Experiences – All through our life- personal and professional.
  • Hear say– Gatherings, meetings, get-togethers.
  • Peers – Colleagues, friends.

Few examples of the decisions we make, take – Decide!

  • Decision is needed at every point in life
    • Family decision.
    • Education decision.
    • Career decision.
    • Decisions that are good for one may/may not be the same for all.
    • Decisions can have an impact on one or many.
    • Decisions can be good for some, bad for few, and average for others.
  • No decision is Good decision or Bad decision, it’s the value of the decision. If the result is anything other than Optimal, the decision must be re-worked.
  • Decisions are only choices. Choices make who we are and who we become eventually!


Own your decision. It’s the best and you are the best judge.

Blink! Think! Decide!