“There is an expiry date for all. No body and nothing are indispensable. There are no guarantees to anything. Nothing lasts forever.”
All that exists has to perish and go back where it has come from. That’s the only constant. That’s nature. Everything that is created has an end and MUST have an end or it becomes monotonous and loses value. If there is no end then there is no room for the new. If we want a change then we have to change that which is now. There is no such thing as forever. If there is then it is death. I am yet to see one who can prove that life is forever, it is death that is forever. Thoughts change, feelings change, responses change, ideas change. The word idea can be treated as a short term for i-Dream / i-Death. The death of the old and the birth of the new becomes an ‘idea’

I’ has to die to give rise to the new. The ‘I’ is the ego. Let it die, or better,……….. kill it!

‘We change the world by changing the way we perceive the world, the way we think about cause and effect, by altering our beliefs of true and false, right and wrong’.In this material world we believe in buying the latest. Why? Because we all want a change. We get bored with the new and again want a change. For this simple reason even the furniture re-arrangement in our house after a while makes the room look new, but then after some time that too becomes old and needs a change. Don’t be that rickety old piece of furniture that eventually gets replaced. Be the change!

Our conditioned ways of looking at things prevent us from taking the plunge, or allow anybody else to take the plunge.

We are so attached and used to our designations and comfort zones that we do not want to let go for the fear of losing all. We are so much obsessed with power that we forget to empower.

Transformation is the need of the hour. Do introspect and see if you value change, or you are the bottleneck!

In the software world, what was new yesterday is legacy today. Keep upgrading keep learning. Embrace change rather push back. Change or be prepared to be changed.

Don’t fake it, if you don’t have it!

That reminds me few lines from the poem ‘IF’ by Rudyard Kipling –
If you can make one heap of all your winnings

And risk it on one turn of pitch-and-toss,

And lose, and start again at your beginnings

And never breathe a word about your loss;…

‘What is the theory behind what we do? Is it really about what we want, or need? Or, has it gone untested for so long that we no longer question it?’

In the land of opportunities that is the United States; It took 43 presidents before the change;
44th was the president who was not a white American- Barrack Obama.

Who wants a change?

The magic lies in changing the way we think in order to change the way we live.


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